Cash, Inc. Fame & Fortune Game App Reviews

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Still a great game, but slightly broken.

So the first thing I want to get out there is that this is a copy of AdCap, but more fun. Which is a good thing. This is what I have a large problem with. I cannot get crystals. The 2x multiplier ad is broken, and the wheel spin is too.

In love

Awesome game. I love every second of it

I hate you

I hate you

Good game but...

I noticed the black guy owns the shoe store. Kinda racist. A little stereotypical if you ask me. Tired of all these games and their subliminal messages.

Funny, cute, exciting, defiantly would recommend



It is a a+


This game is very addicting and I enjoy it very much!! 😁😁‼️

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Great game

This app is great. Makes me feel rich🤩

Share the game for gems

Don’t get me wrong here but I love the game. I just happen to have run into a problem. I had shared the game for 75 gems and that person I had shared it with downloaded and played it for a little while. I did all three steps and never got the 75 gems is this a glitch or did I do something wrong?

The Bomb

This game is SOOOO good all I want to do is play. However, I do have some suggestions. And a hardware store and a furniture store. Also, add more buildings and events. Besides that, this game is amazing and I can’t stop playing it. Thank you for this great game.

Ky Correnti

This was a game all my friends were recommending and I didn’t think i was going to like it but I absolutely love it !!! Can’t stop playing !!! I really recommend getting this game !!

It’s a very addictive game

I literally love this game but they had just made a update and it made the game so much better than what it even was b4 I love it cash inc. download it you won’t be disappointed I’m telling you


This is very fun


Great game! Super addicting and I recommend it to all.

I play all the time it is great hope all play it.

This game is the best plz down load it get rich and grow more and more.

Missing free gem rewards

Have clicked the 5 free gem reward that crosses the screen about 8 times and have not received the reward once

Amazibg game and here are some ideas for it.

I love this game but, I think you maybe need to add more detale. For starters the inside were all the workers work. Add couches and shairs and manybe moreworkers, this game is really hard but addicted!! How do you guys make a game sooo...Great, addicting, fun.. (Ect) after allbof that its a wonderful game! I want to know your secrets of your great game work!


Awesome games would recommend


I love this so much because it’s such a time waster and it’s so satisfying when your earn a lot of money

Fun but boring

This is so fun but boring at the same time. It’s addicting. I never want to stop playing.

Easy and fun

It is a great and lit game to play and really easy


I love it! It’s a really good game to pass time

This is sad

I’ve gotten really progressed in the game but to update it wants me to pay and I can’t so I’ll be uninstalling

Thank you for making Cash, Inc.

Thank you Cash, Inc. for making this game it is very entertaining not only to me but other players. I hope that you can make other games just like this one so we can have lots of fun in MORE GAMES. Thank you for your time.


Loved the design and graphics felt like a real manager! Great 😆😁😀!

So bad in updating

Why does it not get updated ? I’m waiting since almost 2 hours but it doesn’t update ?!

I love this app

So I hate when people seem like a robot. But I really do. I just wish, that the update description was a bit more detailed because I wasn’t sure about it. I would say that the game is amazing I just wish there was some way we can sign in using an email or phone number so we don’t loose our progress if we need to delete app and want to get it later. Also, with using that system we can get alerts when there is a new challenge (thing?? I don’t remember what it’s called) I’ve found this app is amazing.

Add More Businesses

Add more business types these same ones are kind of old its fun but add more

Can’t stop playing

I am addicted to this game.when I got it I just was attached my phone died and it was at 100%

Update broke the game.

It won’t let me into the game, even though I updated it. It says to update, tap the button. I tapped it and it takes me to this. Besides that, game is really fun.


Each time I open the game it says it needs to be updated! THERE IS NO UPDATE. I haven’t uninstalled yet but this ridiculous, I spend my money on this game and now I can’t even play it. Fix it!

Now broken no fun

It says update to get better version and it takes me to app but it just says open


This gamr is addicting but you seriously need to put more events frequently

Cash inc.

Fun game, can’t stop checking for money.

العب عجيب ول اروع واحسن شي العب هذي ولله عجياب ول اروع

العب عجيب ول اروع واحسن شي العب هذي ولله عجياب ول اروع

This game is So addicting

This game kept me up all night this the best

No words

Great game fun to play

Game is fun!!! But too much ads

The game is really fun an enjoyable but If you don't want to watch ads then don't play this game because it relies on it

Update broke game

Once game update came out, I couldn’t open play until and was updated. Even after game was updated it still pops up saying to update the app so I can’t play and have lost all of my progress.


Omg how much do I love this game the only bad part is when we update our building we lose our money and people I think the game should save the money and the people we bought and yeah I really love the game just fix that little mistake

It’s not broken

To the people that are having an issue with updating the game; (you open the app, click update now, brings you to the store with no update option) Just go to your updates page and refresh it! Should fix it. Worked for me :)


Why can’t we pick our own businesses?

Lost everything

What’s the point of connecting the game to Facebook if an update causes you to lose everything? I’m glad I didn’t spend a penny on this game. Fix your bugs will never play a game from this developer again.

Fatal Glitch in Game Makes It Impossible to Play

I’m having the same problem other users are facing. When I opened the app today, the opening screen gave me no option but to select “update game”. When I pressed “update game,” it sent me to the App Store to update it. I updated, but whenever I try to open the game now—either from on my phone or on the App Store—it still just takes me to the same opening screen that says “update game.” I used to love this game and would have rated it 4.5 stars, but now I have to rate it 1 until this is fixed.

Fun game

It is a very fun game and having a lot of fun

Dis game doo doo

Cant even play the game niceeeeeee

Omg love it

I love this game soooooo much and it is so addicting, it is one of the very few games I play every day!!!!

Ad boost issue

Watched 3 ads for a multiplier, but didn’t receive it.

Update broke the game...

Every time I opened the app it prompted me to update and launched the App Store, the only problem was the app was up to date and all I got was “open” option. Couldn’t open the app and it forced me to into a “update” loop and all I could do was to delete the app never to return. When forced to update ruined my game and lost all data. Don’t waste your time on this app.

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