Cash, Inc. Fame & Fortune Game App Reviews

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Muy bueno

El mejor juego

Thanks for the awesome game but a few bugs

This game is very good I do like it but sometimes when I log back in the game it resets and I have to do it all over again so I deleted the app then download it again but it did not work so I am wondering if you can try to look at your game and see what’s wrong Thanks again

Super Fun!

Great app to get you thinking about Higher levels of money while having fun.

You need to play this ASAP!!

Play this now!!

Just Deleted the App.

When I play the game for a bit when opening the app, I am fine with the game. Now the worst has happened, each passing minute, a VIP will show up on my screen with a gift and a text message saying something. When I tap anywhere in the game, I am FORCED to watch a POINTLESS ad just to get 2 pointless and dumb crystals. I do not like being forced to watch an ad just to get a pointless little amounts of crystals that I don’t even care about. Either don’t force me to watch an ad every passing minute or you guys seriously need to allow me to get rid of the pointless crystal gift from a VIP. As I am forced to watch an ad every frickin’ passing second, I have successfully gave up on playing this dumb excuse for a adventure capitalist rip-off. Good-bye, Cash-Inc, it was nice knowing you while the fun lasted. I will now rate this app 1 star until I am not forced to watch a pointless excuse of a reward system.


The first week of playing this game was interesting with the setup... but WAIT, there more! 1. This game is a cheap rip off of the AdCapitalist app. 2. Once you get into the game long enough, there are so call characters in game that are here to give you “marvelous gifts”. You cannot click anywhere on you screen to avoid seeing an AD. 3. Once you’ve seen the AD, here is a spoiler alert, you only get two diamonds. Next thing you know, you’re resuming the game and about 15 - 30 seconds later, ANOTHER character comes up to offer you a “gift” (psst, it’s two diamonds), but you have to watch another AD. The only thing wrong about this now is you think you are getting a good deal out of this, but to be honest, each time you are FORCED to click onto an AD, that is money in the developers pockets. I don’t mind if I watch an ad on my own terms, not when it’s forced onto me, and quite frankly, I think that should be banned or illegal to do so. I for one will be contacting Apple and filing a complaint about this. Oh, and I’m finished playing this game. Sorry for the rant for everyone else, this is more for the developers to see since I hear they don’t respond quickly in private emails, I will make this public. I hope everyone reading this that it will help you to keep an eye out on what to look for


After a while gets boring

Cool game dude

I never knew tapping could be so much fun🤷‍♂️😂

Cash inc

I love this games it is so easy and fun for kids to learn how to spend there money.


This app is great and it is very addictive and fun


Fun game!



Ads every minute

This game was very fun and addicting. But the recent update made it so that ads pop up every minute. Literally every minute. And you’re forced to watch it. I can’t even play. You’re just watching ads. Deleted.


You poo so moo JK


Good gamehjjcjcjcjhfh

So addictive

Once you start you don’t wanna stop playing

It is fun

It is a fun game that shows you how to kinda do business and because of that it can be fun.


So addictive! The first day I got it, I didn’t get off my phone for at least an hour! Best game ever!



This is awesome

I love this game! It makes me feel like I can succeed in life! Thank you That is all I want to say

Good game

Fun to play


Fun game give it a try



Hey this app

I love this app me and my sister always play it

Love it so fun


Great game


Too many adverts

The game was fun at the start, now I keep getting ads every 30 seconds and it’s driving me crazy. How are you supposed to enjoy a game if you can’t even play it? Put ads like once every ten minutes at the least. I understand that you get a reward from it but I barely even use the diamonds. Change it or I’m deleting the game.

Cash inc e munitions viciante

Jogue a qualquer momento

Great way to pass time

In a long car ride Cash inc. is a totally tribute to the ride 4/5 would enjoy this game.

5 stars

I say you should make a new company called 5 star games

Grandioso es el mejor

Is a great great game awesome


I love this game it’s amazing you should play it too

Dumb game

This might be the dumbest game ever. Download if you’re stupid.


Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooõ fun

Great game!

It’s good simple and easy. I suggest this if you are looking for a decent game to play on a road trip or vacation with nothing fun to do.


This game is so fun!!! You can earn offline and it is fun to see the business grow. The only problem I had was if you have no WiFi you can’t play but if you have data that is not a problem.

Great Game! But...

No China support 😪😪😪

Ad Crazy

When I downloaded the app it was great. The mechanics of it are sound and it is a great and fun time killer. As I played more the pop up ads that forced you to watch videos became quite annoying. I don’t mind an ad here and there but being forced to watch a video that is 30 seconds long every couple minutes or ever on right after the other is a bit much.


Waaaay too many adds. And now they've added ones that give you gems but you don't have the option to opt out.

Just beautiful 😭

This game has the most addictive pull u must play

I love it

Its a simple and fun cash making game. I also recommend Virtual Beggar. But this game is outstanding! Add a Purple time travel place that is a lab please!


Love it 😍 ❤️

Amazing buttt

It’s a good game don’t get me wrong it’s just not very adiictings

Great game... with one downfall

I love this game!! I have been addicted to it for soooo long. The problem is that once you start working your way up to the superior buildings, the game gets very very slow and boring. You basically run out of things to do. I don’t really play it anymore! I loved it for the longest time but now I’m not interested...

Second version

I love you to make a second version of this game because this game is awesome all the other planets are awesome cash is awesome and you can spend with it I have one point something trillion and I have a gift for you five star rating because the game is very talent it’s popular and also I want you to make a second version thank you for making second version of this game and if you do it I’ll give you another five star rating good THX


This game is awesome I love it

It’s decent

This game is fine it will make time fly very addictive



Pretty average idle game.

Nothing special here. Just a simple idle game.


Good game really addicting

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