Cash, Inc. Fame & Fortune Game App Reviews

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It’s lit and a ligit WiFi needing game

Yooooo its awesome yo ,bra,with this game it’s lit,and,it’s every day bro it’s every day bro its every day bro I said its every day bro


I think this game is really awesome.

Great 5 star game

Great 5 star game that’s easy to play and easy to get cash

Best game

This game is awesome it’s better than AdCap! U get money easier

Less time

This game is fun and all but why wait like 2 hours for like only 1 billion dollars I can get 1 billion dollar is 1 second with all the other money floors so i think less time to wait please 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼annnndddd Byyye


Hello I started yesterday and I like it so much


This is is awaken you get sooooo much moneys 🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑

This is the best

This is the best

The best game ever

You have a job and you get a lot of money 🤑🤑🤑💰💰💰💰


Really good game

Awesome game

This is such an awesome game I can’t get off of the app!!!! So great 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍🤩🤩

Cash, Inc. Fame & Fortune Game

Pretty nice


I love it I love it I love it!!!!! Idk why but it is getting me addicted to it. IT IS A VERY FUN GAME!!! DOWNLOAD IT NOW!!!!

Cash inc

Good game background is glitchy


Good idea


Great game relley good

Bestgame ever very I’m so in love with it

I love this game so much I play it every day

This is a great game!


This game is so fun!!!!

This games is fun because you can get different towers and if you reach the max tower it makes you so famous and the best.for the creators y’all are really good creators so keep up the good work

Game is the bomb

The game is awesome so get it now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!




This game can be really addicting and it’s actually really fun gaining and earning all the money you get but you do need patients.

Best game ever

I love it


Best game ever Jujhhhhhjjgfff


I love this game it’s fun and relaxing i get money for doing nothing!!! How cool is that??

Lags out too much.

When ever I watch an ad for a bonus it lags out 90% of the time and otherwise great game. This is why I put four stars. Lion studios please fix this glitch and I'll put five stars.

Great game

😱this game is so addicting😱😂💕

Hi test test

You need to work on getting money like yku need to keep stuff more cheap

!!Best game ever!!

This game can’t possibly get any more better it’s the best if I had to choose between fortnight and I will choose

How I feel about

This game is just so fun it’s the best game every

addictive gameplay

the game is just have a cartoonish style to it, but the game is so addictive by leveling up everytime and getting more money

I love this game

I like this game so much I could squish its lidl head off

Bad game and bad game developers

This game is so trash. An add comes up, and I can’t close out of it. My money glitches. The game doesn’t load. I’m super surprised this game has a 4.9 rating when it’s so bad.

Fun but not worth the ads? I think so

It's a good game. It's an idle game, for everyone wondering. And it's very fun, I love the concept of getting a new tower after certain numbers of resets. But due to its similarity to AdCap, it needs something to set it apart, to wow, right? Instead, what you get is ads that are forced on your every 60 seconds that you have to watch to keep playing. There's no way to decline them. This happens after a certain point and it honestly makes the game unplayable for me. Ridiculpus


This game teaches kids about bi Business and is fun so people can learn business .

The amount of ads

The. Game used to be fun now it’s ad after ad after ad you guys are just getting greedy! If there’s no update to fix this I’ll be removing this app and staying away from any future apps you put out!

Love u

Give me 100000000000000000 dollars




Love it because one my favorite games

Definitely Recommend!!

This game too adicting to put down you'll never want to stop!! I always want to buy more buildings and shops!! TOO AWESOME!!!!!😝😝😝😝

SMG3 reviews

isa good game: SMG3

Ads ads ads

Before they added unavoidable ads I would have rated this game much higher. You watch an ad to get a boost, then you’re hit with an ad you have to watch, then immediately hit with another ad. If you launch the game you get stuck in ad loops sometimes. If you’re just wanting to open it quick then you immediately need to close it because of all the ads. This game is equivalent to using a browser with pop ups enabled.

I would rate six stars if I could

This game is awesome. I’ve had before and I kept collecting all the buildings it was amazing. If you do not have this game I would recommend that you buy it of course it takes a little bit of time to get to the very top but after a while you’ll love it.

Savage game

Assume game


Самая пиздатая игра


I don’t really like phone games, but I’m completely hooked on this one


This game is PERFECT for road trips and it is nice to check in everyday to this game!!!!!! Couldn’t recommend it enough.

I recommend this

This is very addicting to pass a the time.

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